Customer Safety Is Our Top Priority

Customer safety is constantly our top priority throughout building and developing suitable services.


Customer safety is constantly our top priority throughout building and developing suitable services.

Concerns about the effects of chemicals

Industrial cleaning chemicals are becoming increasingly diverse and widely used in production and life. They make cleaning in everyday life simpler. This is also the reason why people increasingly depend on and abuse chemicals. This can cause harmful effects such as:

  • Irritation: Some ingredients in chemicals can damage the protective layers of the skin, causing the epidermis to appear in some conditions such as dryness, peeling, redness... which makes you feel uncomfortable.

If chemicals are used incorrectly, it will easily cause skin irritation

  • Suffocation: This case will appear when you often work in a chemical environment or use too much. Some gasses such as CO2, CH4 (methane), N2, C2H6 (ethane)... will reduce the amount of oxygen in the air and cause suffocation or the chemicals oxygen carbon or hydrogen cyanide will reduce the ability to transport oxygen in the blood to tissues and cells.
  • Effection on the natural environment: Improper use of chemicals also harms the natural environment such as water, air and problems related to waste treatment.

EGS: “Customer Safety is Our Top Priority”

As one of the leading chemical distributors in Vietnam with an understanding of the market and customers’ concerns, EGS supplies complete cleaning solutions. EGS solutions not only meet high-standard cleaning performance but also ensure safety and minimize the impacts of chemicals on human health and the environment.


EGS is the exclusive distributor of Goodmaid Pro chemical products in the Vietnamese market

EGC whose motto is "Customer safety is our top priority", imports directly chemical products from the manufacturer Goodmaid Pro. This is the leading industrial chemical manufacturer in Malaysia and is present in many countries such as the Middle East, Africa, India, Central Asia, North Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. We always conduct strict quality checks to ensure quality before delivering to customers.

EGS also provides customers with additional services such as consulting - orientation to use chemicals safely - effectively, support for inspection - periodic reports to promptly grasp problems that occur throughout the usage process and punctually provide remedial measures to help optimize customers' costs and time.

EGS – A reputable chemical supplier

For more than two years as the exclusive distributor of Goodmaid Pro, we have distributed a variety of chemical solutions to make the cleaning process easier and constantly strive to create a new position in the Vietnam market: Safe for humans - friendly to the environment.

Our current customers are 4 - 5 star hotels and resorts: 4-Star Orson Hotel & Resort in Con Dao, FLC Quy Nhon, Marina Bay Con Dao Hotel; Businesses in the field of industrial hygiene, hospitals, F&B factories, industrial laundry...

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EGS supplies chemicals to 4 - 5 star hotels and resorts

For EGS, the field of safe hygiene is an endless source of inspiration and motivation for us to strive every day.


Contact information:


Address: 5th floor, SongDo Tower, 62A Pham Ngoc Thach, Vo Thi Sau Ward, District 3, HCMC

Hotline: 0908 061 427




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