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Cleaning - disinfection of the house is one of the measures to help protect the health of you and your family against the effects of the disease.

Cleaning - disinfection of the house is one of the measures to help protect the health of you and your family against the effects of the disease.

Principles of cleaning-disinfecting the house

Customers must perform daily cleaning and disinfecting of the house by the following principles to ensure safety and maintain a clean living space:

  • Clean high-touch surfaces at least twice a day with antiseptic-rich cleaning chemicals.
  • Follow the user manual on the chemical's label.
  • Maintain adequate ventilation while cleaning and disinfecting the house. You can improve air circulation by using a fan.
  • After you've finished cleaning and disinfecting, immediately wash your hands.
  • Equipment with protective gear, such as gloves, masks, protective boots, etc., to limit chemical exposure during use.

Besides, if someone is positive for Covid-19 in the house, you should clean and disinfect it carefully. All surfaces must be disinfected with disinfectant chemicals as recommended by the Ministry of Health.

cleaning-disinfecting the house

Cleaning - disinfection of the house

Locations in the house that need to be cleaned and disinfected

Disinfect living room

The living room is considered a meeting place for all members. It is also a place to accommodate guests visiting the house. So, this area often accumulates a lot of bacteria and dirt. Therefore, when cleaning-disinfecting the house, you need to pay special attention to the items and utensils in the living room. At the same time, it increases the frequency of cleaning this area to several times a day to ensure comprehensive health for each individual in your family.

Use soft towels and warm water or disinfectants to clean equipment and surfaces such as TV remotes, air conditioners, tables, chairs, etc. Simultaneously, carpets must be cleaned—disinfected with soap or detergent designed specifically for this surface.

cleaning-disinfecting the house

Disinfect living room


The kitchen is an area that can not miss when cleaning and disinfecting the house. This area is not only a place to prepare food but also a common place for members. Therefore, if not cleaned and disinfected carefully, this will be a place to hide many harmful bacteria from mold, waste, etc. It directly affects human health.

Cleaning–disinfecting the kitchen area should be implemented regularly, before and after each cooking ensure food safety and the health of the members. For hard surfaces such as kitchens, countertops, walls, and floors, it is necessary to use highly antiseptic cleaning chemicals with safe ingredients that do not cause material wear and tear. In addition, remember to wash–clean chopping boards, cabinet handles, and trash cans with a specialized chemical. At the same time, conduct disinfection thoroughly.

cleaning-disinfecting the house


It is an area that is often wet and in direct contact with waste products, accumulating many bacteria such as Bacteroidaceae, E. coli, streptococcus, etc. The source of potentially fatal diseases such as dermatitis, respiratory diseases, and diarrhea.

Chemicals are used with antiseptic and deodorizing properties to clean drains, floors, walls, sinks, etc. Use disinfectants for wipers, faucets, handles, mirrors, etc., to limit the growth of bacteria.


Although it is a secret and highly secure place, there is always a potential risk of infection and dust. Therefore, the bedroom is also one of the locations that need to be cleaned periodically and regularly in cleaning and disinfecting the house process.

Clean, sanitise and disinfect surfaces of electronic devices, wardrobes, shelves, and bed rails at least once a day. Pay special attention to areas under the bed, cabinets, and window frames. Because this position has many potential dangers and is the home of many harmful insects such as cockroaches, mice, etc., they are often forgettable.

Cleaning-disinfecting the house with solutions of EGS

With the motto “Regenerate Life Value”, EGS always brings safe, optimal quality and easy to use cleaning solutions such as:

  • Goodmaid Pro 120S DeoAir Sea Fresh is a room freshener with antibacterial properties. It is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting the house, such as hallways, toilets, living rooms, etc. It has a fresh sea scent, freshening the air and bringing a light, pleasant fragrance. Ecolab formulates it to help inhibit odour-causing bacteria in the air. In addition, when used in high concentrations, it can help disinfect.

Goodmaid Pro 120S DeoAir Sea Fresh

  • Goodmaid Pro 353 Destainer is a high-quality chlorine-based cleaning and disinfection powder that disinfects and deodorizes swiftly with safe components. It is suited for most kitchen utensils and equipment, such as refrigerators, food storage, etc. It's also used to remove stains on coffee pots, cups, and ceramics. It ensures the safety and high cleaning efficiency while also being non-staining and non-corrosive equipment.

  • Goodmaid Pro 340 Extra Foam is a specialized carpets washing solution (wet cleaning). After scrubbing, carpets are washed by hand or machine and vacuumed. The foaming and color-making powers of GMP 340 Extra Foam are exceptional. It effectively cleans, protects, and restores the color of all fabrics.

Goodmaid Pro 340 Extra Foam

In addition, EGS also provides other chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting the house, such as protective gear, gloves, medical masks, and hand sanitizers to meet standards.

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