EGS - Happy International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, we wish all the best to our beloved ladies.


On International Women’s Day, we wish all the best to our beloved ladies. 

Every woman is like a beautiful flower waiting to bloom; they deserve to be loved and appreciated. To honor their beauty and role in life, we organized a happy and meaningful day for all female members of the company.

A cozy tea party was prepared carefully from early morning. EGS’s office is gorgeous and gentle when filled with white and pink bubbles and flowers. 


Happy International Women’s Day!

The most remarkable thing is the appearance of technical boys, who always care for and give all the best to girls on these special occasions. Fresh flowers were given to each girl by them.


 A surprising appearance of male technical staff

The office atmosphere becomes more bustling and joyful with music and laughter. All the members were surprised by those pretty gifts from the Administration Department. It was a small party full of fun and memorable memories for all members.


 Pretty gifts were prepared carefully by the Administration Department

All employees can find motivation and joy in working place through these activities. At the same time, we acknowledge the contribution, appreciate and encourage the company members, especially the great women who take care of the family and make significant contributions to society's and our company's development. 


A small party but full of fun and memorable memories for all members

At EGS, we focus on professional knowledge and skills and care for employee spiritual wellness. In particular, through these activities, we wish to continue to promote and maintain the value of corporate culture, create interaction, and shorten the distance between departments to build a strong team. The members' cohesion is the strength and foundation for the sustainable development of the business.

Once again, we wish you a happy International Women's Day filled with love and sweet things. Every girl is a flower; you should be confident, grow, and bloom, for you are the most beautiful creation in this universe.

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