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One of the factors that require the utmost attention from managers is to keep their restaurant kitchen cleaning. Not only does it affect the quality of food, but also business results through the evaluation of customers.

One of the factors that require the utmost attention from managers is to keep their restaurant kitchen cleaning. Not only does it affect the quality of food, but also business results through the evaluation of customers.

Restaurant kitchen cleaning procedure

Restaurant kitchen cleaning is the process of cleaning surfaces and utensils in the kitchen area that including cooking equipment, floors, walls, food storage areas, etc. These activities are done daily or periodically by week or month to ensure that the environment is always sanitary and free from agents that directly affect food.

Safe chemical solution for cleaning restaurant kitchens

Safe chemical solution for cleaning restaurant kitchens

The importance of kitchen hygiene to restaurants

Restaurant kitchen hygiene is extremely important, not only to keep the kitchen space clean but also to ensure food safety and health for customers.

Keep brand's image safe

When going to any restaurant, in addition to the delicious food, customers also pay attention to hygiene elements, especially in the kitchen space. Delicious and hygienic dishes are the factors that help retain customers and attract new ones. Therefore, it helps to increase the restaurant's revenue and growth potential.

Save time and money

Instead of using conventional methods, cleaning solutions that utilize specialized chemicals will help you optimize lots of time and reduce expense. At the same time, keeping the kitchen clean and up to standards will help you avoid unnecessary costs such as fines for violating regulations under Circular No. 15/2012/TT-BYT.

Principles of effective kitchen cleaning

The restaurant's kitchen needs to be cleaned more carefully and meticulously than in other areas. This work should also be done regularly and adhere to the following principles:

  • Implementation sequence: Clean the coarse garbage first, then move on to the fine garbage. Cleaning the surfaces sequentially from top to bottom, from inside to outside, from less dirty areas to more dirty areas.
  • Cover equipment and items such as cupboards, pots and pans, cups, etc. to avoid cross-infection during the cleaning process.
  • Using specialized kitchen cleaning chemicals suitable for each type of surface and capable of fast and safe decomposition. Electronic devices and utensils need to be cleaned with diluted chemicals, do not use water directly to avoid damaging the devices.

Areas that need to be cleaned

Clean countertops, floors, and hard surfaces

Countertops, floors, and hard surfaces need to be cleaned and disinfected at least twice a day with specialized chemicals such as:

GMP 305 Quat Sanitizer is a liquid disinfectant of quaternary Ammonium salts for surfaces. GMP 305 can be used in the disinfection of floors, countertops, and hard surfaces. Thus, it is the ideal solution for odour and mould removal in the kitchen space.

GMP 306 EZC is one of the famous floor cleaning chemicals from the Goodmaid Pro brand - Malaysia used to sterilize and cleanse stains on the floor.

Cleaning surfaces in the kitchen area

Cleaning surfaces in the kitchen area

Sanitize cooking equipment

As the most crucial part of the kitchen, the cooking equipment is the things that make direct contact with food and dishes. Therefore, they need to be cleaned carefully and strictly follow the regulations to avoid having adverse effects on food or causing food poisoning. The optimal solution for cleaning these tools is to use specialized chemicals from the Goodmaid Pro brand with safe chemical compositions - friendly to humans and the environment such as:

GMP 383 Oven Kleen is a cleaning solution for burnt grease stains in ovens, stoves, grills, and food processing. As a highly alkaline compound, surfactants and solvents quickly penetrate, remove and dissolve stains on hard surfaces. At the same time, the composition of Oven Kleen contains low moisture foaming active ingredients, suitable for cleaning activities on metal surfaces.

Sanitizing cooking equipment

Sanitizing cooking equipment

Clean exhaust pipes and vents

Scrubbing the exhaust pipes and vents in the kitchen needs to be done regularly in combination with the right chemical solutions, providing high cleaning efficiency while helping to reduce costs and labour. At the same time, it is necessary to check the exhaust system and vents to promptly detect damaged filters. Thus, avoid letting the residues flow down, causing blockage of the outlet pipes in the restaurant.

Sanitize the sink

A sink is an indispensable tool in every kitchen, especially in restaurants. Therefore, this area needs to be sterilized with disinfectant to prevent the accumulation of harmful bacteria as well as food residue. Not only does it help keep the drainage system clear, but it also improves water quality and keeps the kitchen area clean and safe.

Sanitize the food storage area

The food storage area in a restaurant is one of the factors that directly affect the quality of the food. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the hygiene of the racks, freezers, and raw material storage areas.

GMP Detainer is a chlorine-based cleaning and disinfecting powder used to clean and disinfect cold storage, freezers, tool washrooms, and containers with high cleaning efficiency, leaving no stains on tools.

GMP 354 Oxygen Detainer is a highly effective cleaning and disinfecting agent commonly used in kitchen areas such as refrigerators, freezers, warehouses, etc. With a formula containing 100% free oxygen, it provides a high cleaning capacity without compromising the quality of the dishes.

Cleaning a restaurant kitchen is a highly-demanding job, requiring meticulousness and high attention from the staff. Therefore, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of providing safe and all-in-one, chemical solutions for various units such as restaurants, hotels, businesses in airports, industrial laundry factories, etc., EGS can confidently provide customers with a high-quality restaurant kitchen cleaning chemical solution that is safe for food and does not cause surface wear.


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