Stainless steel cleaner polish GMP 160 STEEL BRITE

Stainless steel cleaner polish GMP 160 STEEL BRITE

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GMP 160 STEEL BRITE will not produce hazardous hydrocarbon solvents. It will dislodge grease easily and leave a transparent protective film that brightens the surface.



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Public toilets Chemical for cleaning service Housekeeping chemicals

Packing: 5L

It removes oil and grease marks easily and leaves a protective invisible film which also shines on stainless steel surfaces in household, commercial and industrial premises. 
How to use:
This product is ready to use, please do not dilute the product with water. spray product on the dry cloth then wipes and polish the stainless steel surface.
Do not use stainless steel that food contact surfaces. 

Note: Do not drink, keep out of reach of children.

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