Industrial Laundry Emulsifier GMP 304 L-ENHANCE

Industrial Laundry Emulsifier GMP 304 L-ENHANCE

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GMP 304 L-ENHANCE is a concentrated liquid laundry degreaser/ emulsifier developed exclusively to penetrate, emulsify and remove grease for use in commercial and institutional laundries. It also can be used for spotter, a presoak or may be added directly to wash cycle in both hot and cold water. High effectiveness on greasy, oily, heavily soiled linen, oily table cloth, towel and etc, which normal laundry detergent could not remove. An excellent emulsifier for institutional/industrial laundry facilities.

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Packing: 20L
Great emulsifier for commercial laundry.
How to Use:
Dosage 2-3ml/kg linen. 
Run the wash cycle and rinse for 2 times if detergency persist
(For better result, use warm water 50 – 75oC).

Note: avoid contact with skin and eyes.



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