Oxygen Destainer GMP 353 DESTAINER

Oxygen Destainer GMP 353 DESTAINER

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GMP 353 DESTAINER is a product formulated for cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing in one step. This product is non-corrosive and is safe to use on all cleaning surfaces and it meets food-grade standards for purity.



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Hotel Restaurant Chemicals Laundry Chemicals Chemical for cleaning service

Packing: 12 Kg
GMP 353 DESTAINER is an excellent cleaner and sanitizer for most of the areas within the kitchen especially walk-in chiller, chillers, refrigerators, washroom, and storage bins in the dairy industry and food processing: Applied to cleaning and disinfectant, besides that can use to bleach the material.
How to use: 
Use 1 teaspoon 353 DESTAINER in 3.7 liters of cold water. The resulting solution has a chlorine concentration of 180-200ppm. Use for containers, tea and coffee cups, (Especially effective at removing stains from tannins). 



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