Bleaching powder Oxygen Bleach

Bleaching powder Oxygen Bleach

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Peroxide-based Oxygen Bleach bleaching powder, suitable for removing stubborn stains from plastic and melamine kitchen utensils, dishes, food containers, etc.



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Hygiene and food safety Hotel Restaurant Chemicals Kitchen hygiene chemical QSR/FSR chemicals

Packing: container 3kg
Used for bleaching, sanitizing, and deodorizing utensils, chopping boards, bowls, plates, cleaning tools, waste baskets, Plastic bottles. Removing stains from tea pots, odorizing milk bottles for baby. Bleaching, sanitizing, and odorizing hand towels, kitchen towels. Sanitizing and odorizing kitchen cabinets, refrigerators.
How to use:
1. Use warm watter 40-80oC to make the solution.

2. Pour 10g of Oxygen Bleach powder for 1 litter of warm water, or a. 2 spoons (100g) for 10 litters of water. b. 1 box (1kg) for 100 litters of water.

3. Soak the tools in the solution for 30 minutes (soak the tools longer for heavy stains.

4. Rinse with clean water.

Materials can be used with Oxygen Bleach:

Plastic products,household products (refrigerator, gas stove, washing machine), Colored woven products (cotton fabric, hemp fabric, synthetic fabric). Wooden or bamboo made products. Porcelain ware. Glass ware.

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