Sodium Hypochlorite Clean.Pro B-1

Sodium Hypochlorite Clean.Pro B-1

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Sodium Hypochlorite Clean.Pro B-1 is a sodium hypochlorite based bleach for whitening and sanitizing. We’ve achieved excellent whitening by adjusting the concentration of free alkali. Food safe formula is ideal for a variety of uses in the food processing industry.


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Hygiene and food safety Hotel Restaurant Chemicals Kitchen hygiene chemical QSR/FSR chemicals

Đóng gói: container 5 Kg ( 5Kg x 3/carton).
Can remove the stain on chopping board caused from vegetables 
Can use to cleaning and sanitize for equipment, utensil, cloth, in food processing
Ho to use : 
Dilute with water follow the guideline from the supplier for each application.
dip or wipe the solution into tools, utensils, and rinse with potable water then let dry.
Please don't use neat solutions for sanitizing or bleaching. 
ware the PPE during using chemicals.
be careful when diluting chemicals.
use the water at room temperature for dilute chemicals.
Do not use hot water to dilute the solution
Avoid contact of the solution with skin and eyes
Store the product in a cool place, away from direct sunlight
Keep out of the reach of children.


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