Multi-purpose cream cleanser Liquid Detergent

Multi-purpose cream cleanser Liquid Detergent

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Multi-purpose cream cleanser Liquid Detergent used to remove stubborn stains on sinks, kitchen countertops, cooking utensils, gas stovetops, fume hoods, door handles (stainless steel), chrome-coated tools and equipment, and stainless steel appliances. porcelain in toilet, ceramic tile, hand basin, bathtub.

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Hygiene and food safety Hotel Restaurant Chemicals Kitchen hygiene chemical QSR/FSR chemicals

Packing: 400gr (400gr x 12/carton)
How to use: 
Use as it is
Take small amount of liquid onto a sponge, rub the sponge onto the surface with targeted dirt.
Use a clean cloth soaked with water to clean the surface (if not being washed with water), or use tap water to wash.

If using a solution to clean cookware, it should be rinsed thoroughly with water to remove chemical residue on the surface of the cookware.
Do not use the solution on glass, lacquer, jewelry (will scratch the surface).

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